CIM Winnipeg 2013 AGM & Member Appreciation

June 12, 2013

REVIEW: CIM Winnipeg 2013 Annual General Meeting & Member Appreciation Event
by Dennie Cormack

On Monday May 13, 2013, the Winnipeg CIM Branch hosted its joint Annual General Meeting and Member Appreciation night. This year, 42 members attended the 2013 AGM/Member Appreciation event, held at the Norwood Hotel, to honour this year’s recipients of long-term service pins; and the PRAISE, PRIME, and George Smith Communications Award winners.

CIM Winnipeg 2013 AGM Appreciation Event

George Smith Communications Award presented to Tammy Wood

George Smith Communications Award

The George Smith Communications Award is presented annually to the student who attains the highest mark in the Canadian Institute of Management’s communication class for the current year.

Clayton McPherson and George Smith presented the George Smith Communications Award to this year’s deserving recipient, Tammy Wood.

Congratulations Tammy on this achievement!



Martin J. Lyons P.R.I.M.E. Business Award

The CIM Professional Recognition for Innovation & Management Excellence Award recognizes the general management achievements of an organization located in Manitoba. This year, two organizations were presented this prestigious award: Manitoba Hydro and Standard Aero.

2013 CIM Winnipeg PRIME Award Winner Manitoba Hydro

Lianne Legasse accepted the 2013 CIM Winnipeg PRIME Award on behalf of Manitoba Hydro.

2013 CIM_Winnipeg 2013_PRIME Award Winner Standard Aero

Beverley Picton accepted the 2013 CIM Winnipeg PRIME Award on behalf of Standard Aero.

Congratulations to both P.R.I.M.E. Business Award recipients.


CIM P.R.A.I.S.E. Award

The CIM Performance Recognition for Achievement, Innovation, Service & Excellence Award recognizes individuals who have contributed to our successes through their significant contributions to better our branch and our members’ CIM experience. Contributions such as this ensure that the Winnipeg CIM Branch remains the largest and most vibrant branch in Canada.

This year’s recipient is Kerry Tildsley. Congratulations Kerry!


Long-Term Service Pins

We would like to thank the following long-term service pin recipients for their continued dedication and commitment to the Canadian Institute of Management:

10 Year Pin: Grant Barry, Eddie Calisto-Tavares, Heather Kozubski, Beverly Picton and Denis Tetrault.

15 Year Pin: Anne-Marie Glesmann

40 Year Pin: Joseph Smolinski

2013 CIM Winnipeg 2013 10 Year Long Term Service Pin Recipients

(l-r) Heather Kozubski, Clayton McPherson,
Eddie Calisto-Tavares, Beverly Picton, Denis Tetrault

2013 CIM Winnipeg 2013 15 Year Long Term Service Pin Recipient, Anne-Marie Glesmann

President Clayton McPherson
congratulates Anne-Marie Glesmann

Next year’s
AGM & Member Appreciation event
will be held in the Fall of 2014.

See you there!