CIM’s Management Direct Webinar – May 27, 2015

May 26, 2015


One of the biggest benefits of being a CIM member is having 24/7 online access to ManagementDirect, a fully comprehensive management  tool that will help you enhance your career through professional development.

  • Dealing with an absenteeism issue?
  • Need to better manage your time?
  • Want a template for a strategic plan or a checklist to manage your project?   

ManagementDirect’s extensive library of content includes:

  • E-learning modules: from developing a management style to the principles of project management
  • Leader videos: covering real-life management issues
  • Thinkers: summaries of the ideas of major theorists to help problem solving
  • Interactive scenarios
  • Published articles: a database of articles from the Professional Manager magazine
  • Checklists: hundreds of practical tick lists of activities to ensure a best practice approach
  • E-journals: thousands of journals, publications and research documents offering latest industry insight
  • Document outlines and research summaries on key business initiatives such as devising a marketing plan
  • CPD/PDU tracking

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