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Winnipeg Life Member Awards 2015

March 20, 2015

Life Member Awards Dinner

Life Member Awards Dinner at Baileys Restaurant.

The Winnipeg Branch Board of Directors hosted an evening at Bailey’s Prime Dining on March 19th to honor two of its newest Branch Life Members.

Mr. William John Antiliff Bulman has been an active member and continues to hold his membership in good standing since 1963. Mr. Bulman has demonstrated outstanding contribution to our branch as he was one of the visionary leaders that established the Canadian Institute of Management which was called the Canadian Industrial Management Association (Manitoba Division) prior to 1970. He has served as a member of our branch as well as a board member while demonstrating outstanding service through his contributions. A very successful business and community leader, Mr. Bulman was inducted as a member of the Winnipeg Citizen’s Hall of Fame in 1988 for his work in Business and Public Affairs. Without Mr. Bulman, the CIM Winnipeg Branch might not be here today.


Mr. George Smith has been an active member and continues to hold his membership in good standing since 1968. He has demonstrated outstanding contribution and service to our branch as a very instrumental for many years with dedication. His main contribution to the program was and is his strong support for maintaining a high academic standard in the classroom.  He was responsible for the program management and delivery from 1968 when there were 32 graduates in the program and in his retirement year in 2004 there were 113 graduates. Mr. Smith is the reason we present a Communications Award annually to the student who attains the highest mark in the Canadian Institute of Management’s communication class.


We are honored to have awarded these two gentlemen with the Branch Life Membership Award.



Louise Doberstein, C.I.M.

Vice President of Membership

CIM Winnipeg Branch Board of Directors


50th Anniversary Gala

October 12, 2014

Address by John Bulman, one of the nine founders of CIM in Manitoba


Wasn’t that a Party!

On October 4th, the Winnipeg Branch held a truly memorable 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner at the Victoria Inn in Winnipeg.

The evening began with a Cocktail Reception where C.I.M members and their guests had the opportunity to renew friendships and make new friends. During the reception we had a table as well as a slideshow of highlighting some of our Winnipeg branch history.

We had a great turnout with 185 enjoying a fabulous evening. Special guests included: Dr. Matthew Jelavic and Mrs. Myvonny Jelavic, Betty Smith, Robert Beitz, Deb Daigle, Nicole Hamilton, Garry Kalawarny, Doug Komadowski, Cindy Erdosi, Valerie Squires, Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, Janine Drennan-Alsip, Sharon Bukowski, Lynne Gibbings, Vincent Hykawy, Susan Rusk and Alan Thorlakson.

Piper Kyle Campbell lead the Winnipeg Branch Board of Directors and our special guests into the Gala dinner. The evening was Emceed by Gord Leclerc, CTV Winnipeg News Anchor

A number of presentations were made…

The Professional Manager Designation recipients for 2013 – 2014 were:

Gilles Abraham, Nick Bevilacqua, D.Timothy Brown, Darrin Desmedt, Garry Kalawarny, Steven Lupky, and Paul Senecal.


The following awards were presented:

P.R.A.I.S.E. Award

The Performance Recognition for Achievement, Innovation, Service & Excellence Award recognizes individuals who have contributed to our success through their significant contributions to better our branch and our members’ CIM experience. Contributions such as this ensure that the CIM Winnipeg Branch remains the largest and most vibrant branch in Canada.

Robert Beitz, C.I.M.

Char Chastalain

Clayton McPherson, C.I.M. P.Mgr.

Dr. Lori Wallace


Martin J. Lyons P.R.I.M.E. Awards

The Performance Recognition for Innovation & Management Excellence Award recognizes the general management achievements of an organization located in Manitoba. This year two organizations are being presented this prestigious award.

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

Accepting this award – Les Parry

MTS Allstream Inc.

Accepting this award – Ed Kostusik


George Smith Communications Award

The George Smith Communications Award is presented annually to the student who attains the highest mark in the Canadian Institute of Management’s communications class for the current year.

Bethany Phillips


Long-Term Service Pins

We would like to thank the following long-term service pin recipients for their continued dedication and commitment to the Canadian Institute of Management

10 Year Pin

David Henderson

Garry Kalawarny

Ryan Klips

Jeffrey Koroluk

Dalia Naguib

Darryl Pohl

Deborah Regier

Cheryl Summerly

Travis Wahl

Leon Wong


15 Year Pin

Dennie Diell

Kim Griffith

Jeff Henry

Dennis Holowka

Ruth Kresnyak

Margaret Makodanski

Karen Pellatt

Phil Picton

Christine Prociuk

Hugh Roche

Maria Vokey


20 Year Pin

Robert Beitz

Paul Desorcy

Jules Gareau

Charles Latschislaw

Thomas Mark

Albert Stephen Smith


25 Year Pin

Ward Keith

Deborah O’Bray


30 Year Pin

Alan Thorlakson


40 Year Pin

Terrance Clark


To round out the evening we enjoyed the comedy of Dean Jenkinson

All guests in attendance were entered into a draw for door prizes which included 35 tickets to the John Maxwell Leadership Conference, 1 stay at the Victoria Inn, and 1 pair of Jets tickets.

We would like to thank our organizing committee: Luanne Scott, Dennie Cormack, Louise Doberstein, Garry Kalawarny, and Heather Kozubski.

The Canadian Institute of Management – Winnipeg Branch would like to thank the Victoria Inn Hotel and Conference Centre, Decorations by Rick, Petals by S & A, CSR Systems, and Jon Schroeder Photography.

A special thank you to our sponsors, Manitoba Blue Cross, Petals by S & A, University of Manitoba – Extended Education, and the Victoria Inn Hotel and Conference Centre.

Finally we would like to Thank YOU, the business community, fellow members, friends, and family for your support over the past 50 Years.


To view the pictures from the 50th Anniversary Gala please log into the Members area.

Dennie Cormack, BA C.I.M.

Vice-President Marketing and Communications

Winnipeg Chapter

Where were you in ’64?

August 18, 2014

Beatles on Ed Sullivan Show 1964Where were you in ’64?

50 years, it is a long time and a lot has changed. So what happened in ’64?

What was the Cost of living?

  • Average annual income $5,880
  • Gallon of milk $1.06
  • Gallon of gas $0.25
  • Loaf of bread $0.21
  • Pay phone (local call) $0.10
  • Life Magazine $0.35 or 1 year subscription (51 issues) $5.00
  • Thom McAn Shoes $9.95
  • Sunshine Clothes Dryer by General Electric $99.95
  • Emerson 11” portable TV $139.95
  • Best Homes (pre-fabricated homes) $8,990 – 17,990
  • Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III sedan $16,665

So why is 1964 significant for us?

It’s our 50th Anniversary!

Nine visionary leaders established the Canadian Industrial Management Association (Manitoba Division) in Winnipeg, Manitoba on October 8, 1964. The name changed in 1970 at the National Conference in Winnipeg to become the Canadian Institute of Management.

These nine visionary leaders became the first Winnipeg branch board members:

  • Martin James Anthony Lyons
  • Donald Harvey Jackman
  • George Elwyn Douglas
  • Serge Edward DeConinck
  • Timothy Ryan
  • William John Antiliff Bullman
  • Charles Leslie Hill
  • George Hugh Boucher
  • Douglas Godfrey Renton

Since 1964, over 3,400 individuals have received the Certified in Management designation in Manitoba. Currently, Manitoba is the largest branch of CIM in Canada with close to 750 members.

On October 4th 2014 we will begin celebrating our 50th Anniversary year with a Gala Dinner at the Victoria Inn. This event is free to CIM Winnipeg Branch members and a guest. You can register by going to our events page Deadline to register is August 29, 2014.

See you on October 4th!