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2016/17 Board of Directors

December 8, 2016


The Canadian Institute of Management – Manitoba Chapter is pleased to announce the 2016/17 Board of Directors:

  • Gilles Abraham, President
  • Thomas Ritter, Past President
  • Dennie Cormack, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Steve Lupky, Vice-President, Education
  • Kalimukwa Sinyama, Vice-President, Marketing & Communications
  • Louise Doberstein, Vice-President, Membership
  • Stephane Bisson, Director, Communications & Technology
  • Giselle Pieczonka Pagani, Director, Events
  • Chuck Ibezimako, Director, Marketing & Chamber of Commerce
  • Tim Brown, Director, Professional Development and Chartered Manager

We look forward to a productive year at this exciting time in the life of our organization.




CIM Manitoba Chapter President’s Outgoing Remarks

November 17, 2016

By Thomas Ritter, CET, C.I.M., C.Mgr.

CIM Manitoba Chapter AGM – October 3, 2016


As I reflected on where the last 2 and ¾ years have gone, I tried to recall everything that has happened and has been accomplished by this board; I needed to make a list of these.

  1. 50th Anniversary Gala.
  2. Growth of the Board of Directors.
  3. Chapter 5 year plan development and implementation.
  4. Improved meeting agendas.
  5. Improved marketing activities.
  6. The use of social media locally and nationally.
  7. Improved relations with the U of M.
  8. Chapter operating costs improvements through analysis of expenditures and refining things like website, email, phone, etc.
  9. Participation in the HRMAM and Chamber of Commerce.
  10. Not For Profit Corporation changes.
  11. Chapter directional alignment with National.
  12. Standardizing the board’s activities throughout the year.
  13. Branch to Chapter name change.
  14. Constitutional bylaw development.
  15. Careers in Motion being replaced by the Professional Managers Symposium.
  16. Re-establishing PRIME and PRAISE Award presentations.
  17. Addition of new Chapter Life Members.
  18. Flattening the board structure and increasing responsibilities of all directors.
  19. Annual financial audits.
  20. The change from Graduation to Certification celebration.
  21. After Term Refreshers elimination.
  22. Inexperienced directors now having experience as these people you have elected tonight, most, are with the board longer than 2 years. New directors (two) tonight that are wanting to get involved.

I may have missed a few. Many things have happened……..and have been accomplished because of the dedication of this board and the willingness to improve.

I have had the privilege of working with these people and can tell you that I am honored to have gotten to work with all of them. They are focused and dedicated. They all share the passion for this organization and what the designation stands for. We have become a team.

I would like to think that through my time as President, we are better. But we are not there yet. It is time to pass the torch to Gilles Abraham, your new President. I know he will continue with the goals and objectives we have set out 2 years ago. He will change the direction, as required, to improve the value of membership and he has my full support and assistance wherever needed.

What is in the future?

  • Things like the Charted Manager, the professional designation of the future, will be passed at the National AGM on October 22. This in itself is the biggest and best thing that could happen to our organization. It would not surprise me if this alone, when we go to market, will bring us to the 1000 member strong numbers we believe that we should be.
  • Professional Managers Symposium 2017!
  • National AGM and Professional Symposium October 2018!

In business and in life, we sometimes cross the paths of people we may not have if we weren’t involved in extracurricular activities. I can tell you that there is a colleague that I also consider a friend that I have today because of the CIM. I could not have done this “job” without her.  She kept me in line, made me laugh, offered opinions and through the last three years I have truly enjoyed working with her. Sarah Gould, thank you for everything!

To the directors who believe in the direction we are heading. Thank you!

To the members who allowed me to lead this organization. Thank you!

Gilles, it’s all yours!


Profile – Dennie Cormack

February 12, 2014

Board of Directors Profile

Dennie Cormack, BA, C.I.M., TCP (EVC)
Director of Communications, CIM Winnipeg Branch (2012-14)
VP, Marketing and Communications, CIM Winnipeg Branch (2014-15)

Dennie Cormack, CIM WinnipegDennie Cormack is the Student Records and Systems Support Officer in the Registrar’s Office at Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology, with 18 years’ experience working in post-secondary education.

A highly motivated member of the Registrar’s Team, Dennie leads the Degree Audit Team, and Catalogue Governance. In addition to the Registrar’s Management Team he works closely with Academic Chairs, Continuing Education, Regional Campuses, the Controller’s Office and Support Services.

As a trainer, he instructs Support Staff, Instructors, Coordinators, Program Managers, Chairs and Deans in the use of College software including Colleague (enterprise resource planning), Catalogue Maintenance (curriculum), and RRC Reporting.

He strongly believes in cross-training, teamwork, staff development and empowering team members to take the initiative. Throughout his career Dennie has believed in 360 degree leadership. Each person can have influence and take on a leadership role whether it is leading employees, leading laterally with colleagues from other departments or leading upwards with senior managers.

Dennie received his Certified in Management designation in June 2012 and joined the CIM Winnipeg Board of Directors in October 2012 as the Director of Communications.

Dennie is a life-long learner and strongly believes that knowledge is a continuous process. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from the University of Manitoba and from Red River College a Diploma in Business Administration as well as Certificates in Career/Employment Counseling, Human Resource Management and Industrial Supervision.

He has also received his Tourism Certified Professional (Event Coordinator) designation from the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) in 2007.

Professional Associations:

  • Western Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (WARUCC)
  • Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC)
  • Ellucian Users Group

Volunteer work:

  • Canadian Institute of Management Board of Directors (Winnipeg Branch)
  • St. James-Assiniboia Community Health Advisory Council for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Personal Interests:
Dennie enjoys travelling, golfing, hiking, biking, reading, and watching a variety of cinema. His interests include strategic enrolment management, Canadian military topics, economics, politics, history, management and leadership.

Profile – Bob Beitz

January 17, 2014

Board of Directors Profile

Bob Beitz, C.I.M., Director, CIM Winnipeg Branch (2012-14)

Bob Beitz, CIM WinnipegBob Beitz has been associated with the CIM Winnipeg Branch Board for 10 years. Presently he is working on updating both the branch and national constitutions.

Bob is mechanically inclined and in his senior high years took industrial electrical with the focus of becoming a licensed electrician. In 1974 Bob was hired into a railway apprenticeship and by 1980 had acquired an interprovincial electrical license (now called Red Seal) as well as a contractor license. At this time Bob was very adamant he would never go into management as he could not see himself sitting behind a desk.

Life has a habit of changing ones outlook and goals. Bob realized he enjoyed the challenges of planning as well as doing the electrical requirements of major projects and building and maintenance repairs. As a result Bob moved into management as a maintenance supervisor. At the suggestion of one of his managers, Bob joined the CIM Program.

The CIM Designation helped Bob survive a number of downsizing and restructuring phases. In the first reorganization Bob was moved from the maintenance environment into the world of manufacturing. The man who could never envision sitting behind a desk relished the daily challenges of a manufacturing operation. Bob held a number of manufacturing positions including floor supervisor, planner, engineering requirements and shop manager.

The CIM courses gave Bob the building blocks to understand the needs of both maintenance and manufacturing. The program allowed him to understand employees’ differences and the ins and outs of disciplines and rewards. CIM also gave Bob the knowledge to defend inventory on hand – to times of manufacture – to customer requirements; as well as justifications for returns on investment.

In 2009, 35 years to the day from his first day as an apprentice, Bob finished his last day of working for railroad industries. In his retirement Bob is enjoying his passions of traveling and home renovations.

Profile – Louise Doberstein

January 13, 2014

Board of Directors Profile

Louise Doberstein, C.I.M.
Vice President Membership, CIM Winnipeg Branch (2010-14)

Louise Doberstein, CIM Winnipeg

Louise Doberstein is an enthusiastic, energetic and highly motivated entrepreneur. Fluent in both English and French gives Louise an upper hand in many areas. Highly skilled in working in communications with diverse clientele gives Louise a competitive edge. She is a strong leader and has a proven ability to strategically manage various stages of planning; establishing priorities; delegating tasks and following through to ensure success. She is a self-starter with excellent analytical, organizational, and creative skills. She has worked alongside her husband in a ground-up lawn care business, established in 1998 (Dobie’s Lawn Care – 204-757-2944 –

Working all aspects and areas of her business and working full time at MTS Allstream while completing her CIM designation displays how motivated she is. Achieving her designation has been a value in Louise’s career at MTS Allstream. Her strong work ethic, personal drive for success and genuine grassroots personality, with the support of the four year management and administration program through the Canadian Institute of Management, continues to evolve.

The University of Manitoba – Continuing Education Canadian Institute of Management’s graduating class of 2010 elected Louise as their valedictorian, which attests to Louise’s tenacity and positive “can-do” attitude. Since graduating, Louise has demonstrated growth in many areas including self-confidence within the professional industry. She is reliable, dependable and a hardworking professional with a practical hands-on approach, who always perseveres to achieve the best results.

Louise is well known for her passion and ability to meet and exceed personal goals/targets, a knack for connecting with decision makers and the ability to transfer the secrets of sales and account management to others, displaying excellent presentation, negotiation, closing, and follow through skills.

Upon joining the Winnipeg CIM Branch Board of Directors, Louise’s passion for CIM has increased her quest to re-engage past members and increase awareness of the CIM brand.

Important CIM Winnipeg Branch Announcement

December 27, 2013

Message to CIM Winnipeg Membership

It comes with sadness that I announce that Clayton McPherson has tendered his resignation as president of the CIM Winnipeg Branch.

Clayton brought his unique perspective to the board. His experience obtained from the successful start up and operation of his own new business (Kitpak Fulfillment) has been invaluable to the board.

He introduced new concepts to fulfil our members’ experiences and saw it through to grow the Careers In Motion series.

He always had the membership’s best interest at heart, always striving to provide true bang for their buck.

During Clayton’s time on the board, these same core values have led to Kitpak’s tremendous growth, and as a result, he is no longer able to continue his work with the CIM Winnipeg Branch Board of Directors.
Special Thanks to Clayton McPherson
The Winnipeg Branch of the Canadian Institute of Management thanks Clayton for his dedicated leadership and service to the board and the membership and we wish him well as his business continues to grow.


Thomas Ritter C.I.M., P.Mgr.
President, Winnipeg Branch


Happy Holidays from CIM Winnipeg

December 19, 2013

Seasons Greetings from CIM Winnipeg Board of Directors

Profile – Thomas W. Ritter

November 29, 2013

Board of Directors Profile

Thomas W. Ritter, CET, C.I.M., P. Mgr.,Vice President of Advanced Designation Development and President-Elect, CIM Winnipeg Branch (2012-14)
President, CIM Winnipeg Branch (2014-16)

Thomas Ritter, CIM Winnipeg

With over 30 years of professional experience in steel fabrication, Thomas Ritter’s career began with real-world experience in welding, fitting and fabricating steel. This experience initiated his interest in civil engineering and he attended Red River College from 1979 – 1981 studying Civil Engineering Technology.

Early in his career, Thomas attained various leadership positions that provided him with the depth and breadth of experience that employers, employees and clients appreciate. When he realized that formal education in Leadership and Management would be beneficial to his career, he was inspired to enter into the CIM Program in 1991 and graduated with Honors in 1995.

Thomas advanced into senior management positions and attained his Professional Manager’s designation (P.Mgr) in 2005.

The P.Mgr. designation is most important to me as the Code of Ethics is a very big part of my personal beliefs. The designation has helped me further advance my career to where it is today.

As General Manager at Capitol Steel, Thomas focuses on business development, marketing, sales, and estimating. His responsibilities include fostering a team approach to facilitate the growth of the organization; ensuring ISO 9001-2008 Certification is sustained through continuous improvement; adherence to Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health and COR Certification; and that the company operates in accordance with the Labour Laws of Manitoba and the Human Rights Legislation of the Government of Canada.

I do not believe that I would have had the career that I have had without the CIM and the Professional Manager’s Designation. This, in itself, has inspired me to be part of the CIM Winnipeg Branch Board and give back a little bit of what the CIM has given to me. In addition, the people that I have met on the Board along the way have become business colleagues and in many cases, friends, that have the same goals, objectives and beliefs that I do.

Thomas has been active in volunteer activities, playing, refereeing, coaching and managing hockey and soccer teams.

An experienced Board member on community club and area association Boards, Thomas particularly enjoyed his roles as AA Hockey Director and President of the Transcona Minor Hockey Association.

Thomas has been an energetic member of the Winnipeg Branch of the Canadian Institute of Management’s Board of Directors. He has held various positions, including Director of Professional Manager Services from 2005 until 2009, Co-chair of the 2009 National CIM AGM held in Winnipeg; and Director since the Fall of 2011.

Personal Tidbits

Work and career. When I have spare time, I spend it golfing, hunting, and fishing.

Favorite Author(s):
Anyone who sends me an email, BBM or text message.

Favorite TV Show:
Winnipeg Jets

Favorite Place:
In my inner circle, it is known as “The Lodge”

Profile – Clayton McPherson

October 24, 2013

Board of Directors Profile

Clayton McPherson, C.I.M., P.Mgr,
President, CIM Winnipeg Branch (2012-13)

Clayton McPherson, CIM, PMgr

Clayton McPherson is an accomplished and respected leader, with a proven ability to develop and implement lean manufacturing initiatives that result in improved efficiencies and increased profitability. He improves organizational alignment by building a culture of accountability and maximizing personal competence, which in turn has proven to generate quantifiable results.

As President of the Winnipeg Branch of the Canadian Institute of Management (the largest branch in Canada with more than 750 members), Clayton has strived to take the organization to the next level, through the implementation of unique marketing and targeted communications strategies, resulting in membership growth and a healthy increase in member participation.

When Clayton embarked upon his management career in the printing industry in 1996, he quickly realized that a strategically focused organization was critical to success. Through his roles of increasing responsibility, as Production Supervisor and Production Manager, he understood the significant impact that efficiencies in the areas of supply chain and logistics could have on an organization. Having the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs, and doing the right things was key to develop and sustain the success of the organization.

In 2009, Clayton’s entrepreneurial spirit inspired him to launch Kitpak Fulfillment, a full-service kitting and fulfillment facility located in Winnipeg Manitoba. His motto ‘get the job done’ translated into combining the right balance of skills, knowledge and aptitude; and putting the right infrastructure, systems and resources in place to deliver value to his potential clients. Kitpak provides a warehousing and logistics solution to any manufacturing organization; and is of particular interest to the growing e-commerce industry. Kitpak is an ideal strategic partner, enabling customers to remain focused on their core business activities, while Kitpak manages the client’s warehousing and fulfillment requirements – their core business.

With a strong focus on process improvement through lean manufacturing and 5S quality management initiatives, Clayton has achieved significant cost savings through increased labour productivity; and production equipment utilizations and efficiencies.

Clayton’s strategy for continuous education ensures that he is well prepared to handle his clientele’s most demanding supply chain challenges in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Clayton McPherson can be contacted at 403.471.8251 or