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Message from the National President

August 18, 2014

Dr. Matthew Jelavic, C.Mgr, National President and CEO of the Canadian Institute of Management

Dr. Matthew Jelavic, C.Mgr.

As I begin my second year of presidency, I am very proud of the many accomplishments we have made collectively as an Institute, providing value to our individual and corporate members and academic partners. In my last message to the membership, I outlined the focus and strategic priorities for the future of our Institute; this message will reflect on our accomplishments from this past year. As a result of the outstanding work and dedication from our volunteers and staff, we have reached the following milestones in the Institute’s history:

  • The strategic commitment to roll out Management Direct, the world’s most comprehensive management intelligence tool forming a cornerstone of our professional and educational offerings.
  • The imminent launch of an innovative modern website, which has taken user engagement and access to the right information at the right time to a whole new level.
  • The complete adoption of digital social media in our communications, messaging and outreach efforts. We now have fully managed social outlets on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, with more to come.
  • Launching Management Matters, our weekly digital News Brief and source for the latest management news, developments, networking and professional development opportunities and events.
  • A suite of membership services including group discounts and affinity programs unparalleled in the history of the Institute. The return on your membership investment is now more evident than ever.
  • Fully developed corporate membership packages and promotional materials allowing the Institute to reach out to the business world, providing unparalleled value to our partners.
  • A fully developed corporate sponsorship package to help engage the business world in CIM events, conferences and professional development opportunities.
  • The development of a corporate membership program for our Nationally Accredited educational partners allowing their organizations and students to experience the many benefits the CIM has to offer.
  • The amending of our constitution to conform to the new Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations’ Act, which will allow extensive member interaction and engagement in the governance of our Institute.
  • A firm commitment to an environmentally sustainable strategy to go digital where possible, reducing our carbon footprint and providing more agility in the development of products and services.
  • The transition to the latest technologies in the National Office to ensure exceptional member services, communications responsiveness and reliability.
  • Fiscal efficiencies in our operations that have resulted in more membership value.

As Canada’s professional management association, all staff and volunteers are committed to providing value to our members, to help them succeed and develop. I look forward to leading the Institute into the future with a firm commitment to the membership that any investment in the Institute will provide real value.

– this article was originally published in The Canadian Manager magazine August 2014

Happy Holidays from CIM Winnipeg

December 19, 2013

Seasons Greetings from CIM Winnipeg Board of Directors

Notice: Special Members’ Meeting

December 7, 2013

of a Special Members’ Meeting

to be held on
Monday, January 6, 2014 at 5:30 pm
at the
Norwood Hotel, 112 Marion Street, Winnipeg MB

A Special Branch Meeting is being held to make changes to the Winnipeg Branch Constitution so fully audited financial statements can be presented at all future annual general meetings.

To save costs, past Winnipeg Boards submitted “duly balanced Annual Financial Statement” which did not fully meet the Branch Constitution requirement to “submit an Annual Financial Statement, duly audited”. At the 2013 Winnipeg Branch Annual General Meeting the Winnipeg Board of Directors committed to the membership that going forward the requirements of the constitution would be met and audited Financial Statements would be presented at future annual general meetings.

The Canadian Institute of Management’s fiscal year end is May 31st as dictated by our National Organization. To allow the time required to develop audited financial reports the board needs to change the date of AGM of “held in May of each year”. The Non-for-Profit Act requires financial reports to be presented to its membership within six months of the organization’s fiscal year end or in our case on or before November 30th of each year.

Changing the AGM date directly affects two article sub-sections in the branch’s constitution. Two Motions will be presented and voted on at the Special Meeting to allow future boards the time needed to present audited Financial State.

Summary of Motions:

Motion #: 2014-S01

Article VI Sec.7 – Change the requirement date of “held in May” to “held within five months of the end of the fiscal year”.

Motion #: 2014-S02

Article VIII Sec.7 – Change the date newly elected officers assume duties of “on June 1st or earlier” to “November 30th or earlier”.

Motions 2014-S01 and 2014-S02 can be accessed by clicking the links below:

Motion #: 2014-S01

Motion #: 2014-S02

Members planning on attending the meeting must register by December 20th through the link provided below to ensure seating for all attendees.

Members who are unable to attend can also accept/reject the motions through the link provided below. Votes must be submitted no later than January 3, 2014.

Please click here to register to attend the meeting, or to submit your votes online.

Questions and comments can be directed to the Winnipeg Branch at 204.474.8653 or


The C.I.M. Professional Manager’s Designation

November 11, 2013

by Thomas Ritter, CET, C.I.M., P.Mgr.

Thomas Ritter, CIM WinnipegWhen asked by the Winnipeg Branch Board of Directors to prepare a write up on the Professional Manager’s Designation, I quickly realized that there was a substantial amount of information on the C.I.M. National website. I have compiled the information available to provide an overview of the designation from my perspective and identify what is important to me about the designation.

The most important word for me is Professional. In most cases, anyone who is a Manager, no matter what work they do, or how much education they have, work at a high level, have people reporting to them and in most cases are responsible and accountable for their performance and outcomes.

When I tried to define the true meaning of this designation, I found it easy when I looked at the two definitions separately, which both were easily found on the Internet. I did not need to dig out my old high school Webster’s dictionary from the closet. These are the definitions I found.

A Professional is someone who has completed formal education and training in one or more professions. The term also describes the standards of education and training that prepare members of the profession with the particular knowledge and skills necessary to perform the role of that profession. In addition, most professionals are subject to strict codes of conduct enshrining rigorous ethical and moral obligations. Professional standards of practice and ethics for a particular field are typically agreed upon and maintained through widely recognized professional associations.

A Manager is the person responsible for planning and directing the work of a group of individuals, monitoring their work, and taking corrective action when necessary. For many people, this is their first step into a management career.

Managers may direct workers directly or they may direct several supervisors who direct the workers. The Manager must be familiar with the work of all the groups he/she supervises, but does not need to be the best in any or all of the areas. It is more important for the Manager to know how to manage the workers than to know how to do their work well.

A Manager may have the power to hire, promote or fire employees. In larger companies, a Manager may only recommend such action to the next level of management. The Manager has the authority to change the work assignments of team members.

A Manager’s title reflects what he/she is responsible for. An Accounting Manager supervises the Accounting function. An Operations Manager is responsible for the operations of the company. The Manager of Design Engineering supervises engineers and support staff engaged in design of a product or service. A Night Manager is responsible for the activities that take place at night. There are many management functions in business and, therefore, many titles. Regardless of title, the Manager is responsible for planning, directing, monitoring and controlling the people and their work.

The question you need to ask yourself is … “Am I a professional manager and do I want to be acknowledged as one?”

Background of the C.I.M. Professional Manager Designation

The need for a meaningful professional standard for persons managing the services and resources of our economy was recognized as early as 1942, and led to informal discussions involving business, government and academic leaders. During the late 1950’s, these discussions developed into inter-disciplinary studies, culminating in 1967 in an official report which recommended the establishment of a “Professional Manager” designation.

The Professional Manager (P.Mgr.) Designation denotes an academic and practical experience background which will permit business to look at the holders of this designation with confidence as to their management skills.

In 1972, the Professional Manager (P.Mgr.) program was finalized and on January 25, 1975, received final approval from the Board of Directors of the Canadian Institute of Management, established under Federal Charter.

The Institute’s designation “Professional Manager” provides the identification of individuals from various specialty disciplines who meet an established criterion reflecting a high standard of professional integrity, work performance and recognition.

Certification will encourage continuing professional development and will prove an incentive to graduates with a background in other disciplines to enter the management field as a profession.

How Can I Receive a Professional Manager (P.Mgr.) Designation?

The P.Mgr. designation denotes an academic and practical Canadian experience background which will permit businesses to look at the holders of this designation with confidence as to their management skills.

The Canadian Institute of Management’s “Professional Manager” designation provides, for the first time in the management profession, the identification of individuals from various specialty disciplines who meet an established set of criteria reflecting high standards of professional integrity, work performance and recognition.

Certification will encourage professional development and will prove an incentive to graduates with a background in other disciplines to enter the management field as a profession.


The Canadian Institute of Management offers the professional designation “P.Mgr.” to managers who fulfill the following criteria (guidelines only):

  1. Business graduate holding an MBA, MPA, or equivalent degree and three years’ experience in an established Canadian organization in a management position of individual responsibility, or
  2. University graduate holding a baccalaureate degree including a business degree, supplemented by an accepted program in management and five years’ experience in an established Canadian organization in a management position of individual responsibility, or
  3. A Certified General Accountant (CGA) in good standing, registered with one of the Provincial CGA Associations, and five years’ experience in an established Canadian organization in a management position of individual responsibility, or
  4. Graduate of the Institute’s four year program holding a C.I.M. designation, or other recognized certificate, and a total of seven years’ experience (which would include the experience requirements for the C.I.M. designation), in an established Canadian organization in a management position of individual responsibility,
  5. A person with ten years’ experience in an established Canadian organization in a management position of individual responsibility
  6. Experience of individual responsibility for example, could be with a municipal, government, charitable, not for profit or Private Corporation or personal business.

The phrase “management position of individual responsibility” requires that the applicant makes significant contributions within a job function, such as:

  • Productivity
  • Marketing
  • Product modification
  • Finance control
  • Human resources
  • Research development
  • Administration


  • has accountability for human, physical or fiscal resources
  • develops and executes short and long range objectives
  • keeps current with the developments in the field of management by study of appropriate publications and/or seminar attendance
  • has above average oral and/or written communication skills
  • has high standards of personal and professional conduct

The applicant is required to document reasonable evidence covering these accountabilities and practices as outlined in the application form.

The Professional Manager Review Committee may recognize Canadian management experience in lieu of academic qualifications. Under these circumstances, the committee at its discretion, may request the applicant to submit to a qualification examination.

Persons holding the P.Mgr. designation are required to maintain their membership in good standing with the Institute. A Professional Manager is also required to participate in Continuous Professional Development. Contact the National Office for further details

Benefits and Privileges of P.Mgr. Membership

  • National recognized professional management organization
  • Recognition of academic and professional status under federal charter
  • Source of continuing management development
  • Participation in social activities
  • Placement services
  • Seminars on timely management subjects
  • Group Insurance plans
  • Subscription to the “Canadian Manager”
  • Participation in the Institute’s affairs
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience
  • Meetings, membership roster
  • Employer’s Benefits
  • Participation in development of future executives
  • Credibility – professional accreditation of its staff
  • Profitability – professional management of its resources
  • Operations effectiveness – professional attitudes towards human resources
  • Flexibility – professional judgment on operational factors
  • Interaction with a professional management organization on governmental business policies
  • Up-to-date information on trends and changes in many areas of management activity

The Professional Manager’s Code of Ethics

The Professional Manager:

  1. Is honest and impartial, loyal to associates, the Canadian Institute of Management, employer, client, subordinates and the public, and is respectful of the personal dignity of all.
  2. Applies knowledge and skill to maintain high ideals of professional integrity and the advancement of human welfare.
  3. Promotes the competence of, and the public regard for, the management profession by respecting the reputation of the Institute and other Professional Managers.
  4. Supports an open climate for innovation and free exchange of ideas, and encourages colleagues to give their best.
  5. Promotes the principle of recognition for those whose performance makes a worthwhile contribution.
  6. Neither condones nor engages in misrepresentation, unlawful practices nor brings discredit to the Institute.
  7. Fosters educational requirements in order to further the training, knowledge and proficiency of existing and potential management.
  8. Upholds the principal of fair and impartial judgment.
  9. Consciously avoids prejudice in dealings with all persons.
  10. Acknowledges that subscribing to this code imposes a shared obligation with other Professional Managers to maintain these standards.

This information is available at the C.I.M. National website. (

If you are interested in applying for your designation, please follow the instructions below.

If you need assistance with your application, feel free to contact any board member or the National office for guidance.

How to Apply

To apply for the P.Mgr. Designation,

  1. Download the Application Form (PDF Format) or (Word Format) and print it;
  2. Return your completed application in duplicate, along with three (3) letters of reference and remittance of the appropriate fees to the National Office:
    Canadian Institute of Management
    15 Collier Street, Lower Level
    Barrie, Ontario L4M 1G5
    Phone: [1] 705-725-8926; Toll free: [1] 800-387-5774; Fax: [1] 705-725-8196

Please allow 60 days for Canadian applications to be reviewed.

For more information, visit

CIM Testimonial

October 30, 2013

Gail Shimonek, MA, BA, CIM, CGA (Hon)

Gail Shimonek, CIMI received the CIM designation in 1991, approximately 22 years ago and the career opportunities that have manifested since are too numerous to mention. I was working at the Red River College Winkler Campus as their Regional Manager at the time and had to drive a considerable distance to the University of Manitoba to access the CIM courses, but it truly was well worth the effort.

Since my successful completion of the CIM program, I have moved into the Chair, Applied Commerce & Management Education position at the Notre Dame Campus, Red River College and now manage one of the largest departments at the College, including multiple campuses.

CIM has been an instrumental element in my career development. It has presented a host of networking opportunities and informative seminars designed to update and improve my management capabilities. In 2012, I was honored to receive my 20-year pin as a member of CIM.

I have had a successful career at the College for 27 years and attribute my successful leadership and administrative tenure to belonging to the Canadian Institute Management and holding the CIM designation.

Profile – Clayton McPherson

October 24, 2013

Board of Directors Profile

Clayton McPherson, C.I.M., P.Mgr,
President, CIM Winnipeg Branch (2012-13)

Clayton McPherson, CIM, PMgr

Clayton McPherson is an accomplished and respected leader, with a proven ability to develop and implement lean manufacturing initiatives that result in improved efficiencies and increased profitability. He improves organizational alignment by building a culture of accountability and maximizing personal competence, which in turn has proven to generate quantifiable results.

As President of the Winnipeg Branch of the Canadian Institute of Management (the largest branch in Canada with more than 750 members), Clayton has strived to take the organization to the next level, through the implementation of unique marketing and targeted communications strategies, resulting in membership growth and a healthy increase in member participation.

When Clayton embarked upon his management career in the printing industry in 1996, he quickly realized that a strategically focused organization was critical to success. Through his roles of increasing responsibility, as Production Supervisor and Production Manager, he understood the significant impact that efficiencies in the areas of supply chain and logistics could have on an organization. Having the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs, and doing the right things was key to develop and sustain the success of the organization.

In 2009, Clayton’s entrepreneurial spirit inspired him to launch Kitpak Fulfillment, a full-service kitting and fulfillment facility located in Winnipeg Manitoba. His motto ‘get the job done’ translated into combining the right balance of skills, knowledge and aptitude; and putting the right infrastructure, systems and resources in place to deliver value to his potential clients. Kitpak provides a warehousing and logistics solution to any manufacturing organization; and is of particular interest to the growing e-commerce industry. Kitpak is an ideal strategic partner, enabling customers to remain focused on their core business activities, while Kitpak manages the client’s warehousing and fulfillment requirements – their core business.

With a strong focus on process improvement through lean manufacturing and 5S quality management initiatives, Clayton has achieved significant cost savings through increased labour productivity; and production equipment utilizations and efficiencies.

Clayton’s strategy for continuous education ensures that he is well prepared to handle his clientele’s most demanding supply chain challenges in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Clayton McPherson can be contacted at 403.471.8251 or

Networking … Key to Career Advancement Seminar

September 16, 2013

We have all heard that networking is the key to professional success – it is one of the most powerful competencies that you can use to advance your career. So why is it that many of us dread the very word and are fearful about what to do at the next networking event?

Networking is key to career advancement. It is a planned and ongoing effort.

Networking - Key to Career Advancement, presented by Eddie Calisto-Tavares, sponsored by CIM Winnipeg Branch and University of Manitoba Extended Education

Join Eddie Calisto-Tavares on Monday, November 18, 2013 to

  • Learn what networking really is and how to effectively use yourself as a resource;
  • Learn how to craft your message to appeal to a broad audience and achieve your goals; and
  • Have some fun practicing your approach with a “Speed Networking” activity, which will push the introverts out of their comfort zone and “temper” the extrovert from interrupting.
    • Extroverts talk too much? Introverts don’t like talking? See how each of these personalities perceives the world, seeks power, and communicates.

With a thoughtful approach, a little preparation and the willingness to share information, you can learn to use networking to give you an edge to career advancement.

It is essential that you establish and build relationships with people who can tip you off to job openings, perhaps even introduce you to the person who is doing the hiring. There is some truth in, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”

Learn and practice how to build your network by:

  1. Defining your purpose
  2. Setting goals
  3. Crafting your message
  4. Expanding your network
  5. Managing yourself as a resource

Any way you look at it, other people are your greatest resource. Unlock the door to your full potential in relationship building. Eddie will share tips from her “tool kit” on how to get the success you want by tapping into the people you know.

Join us for an energizing and interactive session with Eddie
and learn how networking will give you an edge to advancing your career.

6:30 pm to 9:00 pm | Monday, November 18 | Norwood Hotel
Appetizers and Cash Bar 6:30 pm         Workshop 7:00 pm

Presented by Canadian Institute of Management, Winnipeg Branch and
sponsored by University of Manitoba Extended Education

Networking - Key to Career Advancement, sponsored by University of Manitoba Extended Education

This presentation is provided at no charge to CIM Members and
University of Manitoba Extended Education students, staff, instructors and 1 guest

Tickets are available for those not affiliated with CIM or U of M Extended Education at $49

Seats are limited

Register by November 11, 2013

Pre-Register before midnight, Monday, November 4, 2013
to be entered into a draw for an executive briefcase

Click here to Register Now

Meet Eddie Calisto-Tavares

Eddie Calisto-Tavares, CIM, President & Principal Consultant, Options for Success Inc.

Eddie Calisto-Tavares, CIM, is dynamic in spirit, driven by performance and passionate for excellence in all facets of life. Eddie’s experience, practical business know-how, education, and two decades as an entrepreneur and senior manager have greatly enriched the communities in which she works. As a consultant, coach, facilitator, and speaker her “tool kit” consists of Human Resource Solutions, Communication across the Generations, Networking and Relationship Management, Service Excellence, Team and Leadership Development, Culture Intelligence, Innovative Practices in Project Management, and, Career and Transition Services.

In June 2009, Eddie was honoured by CIM with a Professional Recognition for Innovation & Management Excellence (PRIME) Award as President of Options for Success Inc. The PRIME Award recognized her for outstanding performance, leadership, and inspiration for immigrants, women and small business owners to enable them to discover and achieve excellence in their lives.

Amongst her many accomplishments, she is a recipient of the Diversity and Cultural Awareness Award from the Human Resources Management Association of Manitoba in 2010. She is a founding member and Past President of Woman Business Owners of Manitoba. Eddie was a finalist in the 2008 Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, the 2003 Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, and in the top 25 Canadian Immigrants Awards in 2012. In 2010, On Manitoba Alumni Magazine featured her story of knowing firsthand the barriers to success new immigrants to Canada face, in her role as a Leader and Successful Immigrant.

Eddie is known as a vibrant and passionate individual who believes that passion moves all people towards greatness.

For more information, contact us at or 204.474.8653

CIM Winnipeg 47th Graduation Class

July 26, 2013

REVIEW: Class of 2013 – 47th Annual Graduation Ceremony, CIM Winnipeg
by Dennie Cormack, CIM
CIM Winnipeg Branch
Director of Communications

On Saturday, June 15, 2013, the Canadian Institute of Management, Winnipeg Branch 47th Annual Graduation was held at the University of Manitoba.

The Convocation ceremonies were followed by a dinner and party to celebrate the accomplishments of the 61 graduates of the Class of 2013.

Dr. Matthew Jelavic, C.Mgr, National President and CEO of the Canadian Institute of Management

Dr. Matthew Jelavic, C.Mgr,
National President and CEO of the
Canadian Institute of Management,
brought greetings from the National CIM Board of Directors to the CIM Winnipeg Branch’s newest CIM Graduates.

Dr. Dennis Silvestrone, PhD, Area Director of Continuing Education Programs, University of Manitoba

Dr. Dennis Silvestrone, PhD,
Area Director of Continuing Education Programs,
University of Manitoba,
extended congratulations and encouragement
as new doors open for the newest
CIM members.

Corrine Scott, OM, MBA, Director of Regulatory Services, Manitoba Liquor Control Commission

The Address to CIM Graduates
was delivered by
Corrine Scott, OM, MBA,
Director of Regulatory Services,
Manitoba Liquor Control Commission.

Catherine Coughlin, CIM - Valedictorian of CIM Winnipeg Branch 2013 Graduation Ceremonies

The Valedictorian Address was given by
Catherine Coughlin, CIM,
describing the challenges of the program, balancing with already busy lives and how important the support of family members was to the graduates.

Honorary Certificate of Achievement

Honorary Certificate of Achievement presented to the family of Brent Pitt, June 15, 2013

Marc Desrosiers, MBA, ABC, P.Mgr, and Clayton McPherson, CIM, P.Mgr, President of CIM Winnipeg Branch, presented an Honorary Certificate of Achievement to the family of Brent Pitt, who passed away this year.

CIM Certificates and Honors Recognition

Clayton McPherson, presents certificates and honors recognition at CIM 2013 Graduation

Clayton McPherson, President of the CIM Winnipeg Branch presented CIM certificates and honors recognition at the Graduation ceremonies. It was an honour to also present the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Academic Awards to the three individuals who excelled in the program, achieving the first, second and third highest grade point averages in this year’s graduating class.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients for their outstanding achievements:

Gold Award:       Tammy Wood

Silver Award:     Marilyn Bullied

Bronze Award:  Steve Falkingham


Our Thanks and Appreciation to Dr. Lori Wallace

CIM Winnipeg Branch thanks Dr. Lori Wallace for her support

We extend a special thank you to Dr. Lori Wallace, PHd Dean of Extended Education, University of Manitoba, for her support of the CIM program over the past few years. We wish her all the best in her retirement.


The Party …

Following the graduation ceremonies and dinner, we enjoyed an interactive evening of fun … Las Vegas style! And … The King himself dropped by for a visit … much to everyone’s delight.

Elvis performs at CIM Winnipeg Branch 2013 Graduation PartyCasino Games and dancing capped off a most memorable day.

CIM members enjoying the casino at the CIM Winnipeg Branch's Graduation Party CIM members enjoy playing casino games

Congratulations to the CIM Winnipeg Graduating Class of 2013!

CIM Winnipeg Branch Graduation Class of 2013 - June 15, 2013

CIM Winnipeg 2013 AGM & Member Appreciation

June 12, 2013

REVIEW: CIM Winnipeg 2013 Annual General Meeting & Member Appreciation Event
by Dennie Cormack

On Monday May 13, 2013, the Winnipeg CIM Branch hosted its joint Annual General Meeting and Member Appreciation night. This year, 42 members attended the 2013 AGM/Member Appreciation event, held at the Norwood Hotel, to honour this year’s recipients of long-term service pins; and the PRAISE, PRIME, and George Smith Communications Award winners.

CIM Winnipeg 2013 AGM Appreciation Event

George Smith Communications Award presented to Tammy Wood

George Smith Communications Award

The George Smith Communications Award is presented annually to the student who attains the highest mark in the Canadian Institute of Management’s communication class for the current year.

Clayton McPherson and George Smith presented the George Smith Communications Award to this year’s deserving recipient, Tammy Wood.

Congratulations Tammy on this achievement!



Martin J. Lyons P.R.I.M.E. Business Award

The CIM Professional Recognition for Innovation & Management Excellence Award recognizes the general management achievements of an organization located in Manitoba. This year, two organizations were presented this prestigious award: Manitoba Hydro and Standard Aero.

2013 CIM Winnipeg PRIME Award Winner Manitoba Hydro

Lianne Legasse accepted the 2013 CIM Winnipeg PRIME Award on behalf of Manitoba Hydro.

2013 CIM_Winnipeg 2013_PRIME Award Winner Standard Aero

Beverley Picton accepted the 2013 CIM Winnipeg PRIME Award on behalf of Standard Aero.

Congratulations to both P.R.I.M.E. Business Award recipients.


CIM P.R.A.I.S.E. Award

The CIM Performance Recognition for Achievement, Innovation, Service & Excellence Award recognizes individuals who have contributed to our successes through their significant contributions to better our branch and our members’ CIM experience. Contributions such as this ensure that the Winnipeg CIM Branch remains the largest and most vibrant branch in Canada.

This year’s recipient is Kerry Tildsley. Congratulations Kerry!


Long-Term Service Pins

We would like to thank the following long-term service pin recipients for their continued dedication and commitment to the Canadian Institute of Management:

10 Year Pin: Grant Barry, Eddie Calisto-Tavares, Heather Kozubski, Beverly Picton and Denis Tetrault.

15 Year Pin: Anne-Marie Glesmann

40 Year Pin: Joseph Smolinski

2013 CIM Winnipeg 2013 10 Year Long Term Service Pin Recipients

(l-r) Heather Kozubski, Clayton McPherson,
Eddie Calisto-Tavares, Beverly Picton, Denis Tetrault

2013 CIM Winnipeg 2013 15 Year Long Term Service Pin Recipient, Anne-Marie Glesmann

President Clayton McPherson
congratulates Anne-Marie Glesmann

Next year’s
AGM & Member Appreciation event
will be held in the Fall of 2014.

See you there!


CIM Winnipeg Annual General Meeting & Member Appreciation

April 18, 2013

ANNOUNCING CIM Winnipeg 2013 Annual General Meeting & Member Appreciation Event

Join us for an evening of celebration (to award individuals for their contributions and commitment; to celebrate the past year and to welcome our new Board of Directors for the coming year) and networking on Monday, May 13, 2013.

Enjoy complimentary hot finger foods and a cash bar prior to our 2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Member Appreciation Event (open to members and guests). You might even win a Door Prize!

You will find this evening very informative and a good opportunity to connect with your fellow colleagues.

WINNIPEG BRANCH CIM Winnipeg 2013 AGM & Member Appreciation EventMonday, May 13, 2013
6:00 pm Cocktails
6:30 pm Awards & AGM
at the Norwood Hotel 112 Marion Street, Winnipeg MB R2H 0T1

We will be presenting CIM Winnipeg Annual Awards to recognize innovation and management/service excellence for both businesses and individuals.

  • The CIM Professional Recognition for Innovation & Management Excellence (PRIME) Award recognizes the general management achievements of an organization located in Manitoba.
  • The CIM Performance Recognition for Achievement, Innovation, Service & Excellence (PRAISE) Award recognizes individuals who have contributed to our successes; someone who has made significant contribution(s) to better our branch and our members’ CIM experience.

CIM Winnipeg Long-Term Service PinEach member of CIM Winnipeg Branch is important to our organization and essential to our continued success. In celebration of our colleagues who have achieved 10 years or more of continuous good standing membership, we will be presenting Long-Term Service Pins to commemorate their significant milestones.
Our congratulations and thanks for your contributions!

Annual General Meeting

This is your opportunity to hear firsthand what has transpired during this past year, objectives for the next year, our financial status; and to participate in the election of your 2013-14 Board of Directors.

The CIM Winnipeg Branch Board is in the process of becoming a ‘strategic board.’ Are you enthusiastic about Canadian Institute of Management, hold a valid CIM designation, and are interested in moving CIM Winnipeg to the next level? It’s not too late. Contact the Winnipeg Branch Administrator at to find out how to let your name stand for office. This can be an incredibly rewarding experience!

Confirm your attendance by Monday, May 6, 2013

Click here to register for the 2013 AGM & Member Appreciation Event!

Unable to attend? We will certainly miss you, but if you are unable to attend the CIM Winnipeg Branch AGM and you are a CIM member in good standing, please submit a 2013 CIM Winnipeg Branch Proxy in support of the 2013/2014 CIM Board of Directors by Monday, May 6, 2013.

Click here to download the 2013 CIM Winnipeg Branch Proxy and submit by email, fax or mail.

CIM Winnipeg is the largest and most vibrant branch of
the Canadian Institute of Management.