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2016/17 Board of Directors

December 8, 2016


The Canadian Institute of Management – Manitoba Chapter is pleased to announce the 2016/17 Board of Directors:

  • Gilles Abraham, President
  • Thomas Ritter, Past President
  • Dennie Cormack, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Steve Lupky, Vice-President, Education
  • Kalimukwa Sinyama, Vice-President, Marketing & Communications
  • Louise Doberstein, Vice-President, Membership
  • Stephane Bisson, Director, Communications & Technology
  • Giselle Pieczonka Pagani, Director, Events
  • Chuck Ibezimako, Director, Marketing & Chamber of Commerce
  • Tim Brown, Director, Professional Development and Chartered Manager

We look forward to a productive year at this exciting time in the life of our organization.




1st Annual Professional Managers Symposium

March 14, 2016

The University of Manitoba and the Canadian Institute of Management are pleased to invite you to our 1st Annual Professional Managers Symposium, a one-day professional development event to be held on April 29th, 2016 at the Victoria Inn, Winnipeg. This inaugural symposium is an opportunity for professional managers, CIM students and graduates, as well as current and emerging leaders to

  • explore proven leadership practices;
  • discuss leadership models that create a shared vision, build successful teams and inspire organizational change; and
  • gain better understanding of their personal leadership style.

You will convene with experts and colleagues to examine innovative approaches to leadership and reflect on the role of the manager as a leader. This forum will serve as an opportunity for networking and for increasing the awareness of management as a profession.

An exciting line-up of speakers coming from a wide range of backgrounds – including Winnipeg Free Press Business Reporter Martin Cash; the former national coach of the Irish and the Canadian field hockey team, Gene Muller; as well as accomplished leadership consultants Stephen DeGroot and Dianne McCoy – will discuss their transformative process of Manager to Leader, and reveal to you how this can positively impact your workplace and professional career.

Join our keynote speaker, Michael Kerr, Hall of Fame international business speaker and author of The Humor Advantage on April 29th for an inspiring and transformative learning opportunity.

Your invite from Michael Kerr

To learn more about the event and registration, go to:

Click here to view the Schedule of the Day.