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CIM Testimonial

October 30, 2013

Gail Shimonek, MA, BA, CIM, CGA (Hon)

Gail Shimonek, CIMI received the CIM designation in 1991, approximately 22 years ago and the career opportunities that have manifested since are too numerous to mention. I was working at the Red River College Winkler Campus as their Regional Manager at the time and had to drive a considerable distance to the University of Manitoba to access the CIM courses, but it truly was well worth the effort.

Since my successful completion of the CIM program, I have moved into the Chair, Applied Commerce & Management Education position at the Notre Dame Campus, Red River College and now manage one of the largest departments at the College, including multiple campuses.

CIM has been an instrumental element in my career development. It has presented a host of networking opportunities and informative seminars designed to update and improve my management capabilities. In 2012, I was honored to receive my 20-year pin as a member of CIM.

I have had a successful career at the College for 27 years and attribute my successful leadership and administrative tenure to belonging to the Canadian Institute Management and holding the CIM designation.