A Synopsis of “The Magic of Coaching within Leadership”

February 21, 2013

by Dennie Cormack, BA, CIM
Registrar’s Office, Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology

On the early Saturday morning of November 3rd, along with 62 colleagues, I attended “The Magic of Coaching within Leadership – discovering potential and achieving extraordinary results” presented by Marc Desrosiers, MBA, ABC, P.Mgr. This seminar was sponsored by the Winnipeg Branch of CIM as part of Careers in Motion at the Norwood Hotel in Winnipeg.


Many people think of coaching as something that has to be an official arrangement between a manager and an employee. But in reality anyone can be a coach and often the relationship is not something official but rather something that evolves. Coaching is a positive relationship that benefits more than just the coachee – it also benefits the coach. This seminar covered who is a coach, how successful coaching is compared to other forms of learning, and discusses the positive coaching relationship and the GROW model of Coaching.

What We LearnedMagic of Coaching participants enjoy Marc Desrosiers' humour

“People don’t need to be managed, they need to be unleashed.”  ~ Richard Florida

“Leadership is not magnetic personality…It is not ‘making friends and influencing people’…Leadership – like Coaching – is lifting a person’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal expectations.”  ~ Peter F. Drucker

Why is coaching popular?

Coaching is transformational – it causes positive personal development and growth through compassionate leadership, thinking outside the box, encouragement of innovation/ creativity, excitement through accomplishments, sharing a vision, walking the walk together, trust and a personal confidential and professional relationship.

Magic of Coaching participantsWhat is the Magic of Coaching?

Coaching is the most effective form of professional development when measured by impact on the coachee’s success: 90% of knowledge in the short term and 90% of application of knowledge in the long term.

Coaching is traditionally short-term in duration and task oriented, while mentoring is more of a long-term commitment. Often a coaching relationship morphs into a confidential professional mentoring relationship.

Who are the great coaches in your life?

A coach can be virtually anyone in the coachee’s life. Examples that seminar participants came up with included co-workers, supervisors, managers, fathers and mothers, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces, and even sons and daughters. A coach is someone who supports, explains, demonstrates, instructs, and directs the coachee through encouragement and asking questions; and is centered on the coachee’s growth, goals and development.

Coach's Gifts To YouA coach’s gifts to you are:

  • Incremental improvement – new skills, practices, doing things better
  • Re-shaping patterns of thinking – revising frames of reference, how one sees the world and  assumptions about the way things work
  • Transformation – a fundamental shift in how one sees oneself

Three pillars form the solid base of coaching, those of: inspiration, encouragement and challenging a coachee. A coach:

  • Inspires you to set high and realistic goals, finds out what motivates you, demonstrates a positive attitude, and helps the coachee develop a vision and clear mission for success.
  • Encourages you to never let good work or effort go unnoticed, checks in with you regularly to provide feedback, and act as a role model.
  • Challenges you to focus on ability, encourage lifelong learning and never allows poor work to go unnoticed.

Building on these three pillars, the coach emphasizes reinforcement to encourage positive behaviour and create a sense of bond and self-worth about the activities that the coachee is doing right. Finally the coach emphasizes stretching, which reflects a wish for improvement in an area that the coachee has some mastery or a desire to take mastered skills to the next level or apply a new way of doing things.

The GROW Coaching Model

Goals: agree on topic/objectives and set long-term aim if appropriate

Reality: invite self-assessment, avoid assumptions, what is current situation and discard irrelevant history

Options: cover all options; invite suggestions from coachee, offer suggestions carefully, ensure choice is made

Will: commit to action, identify possible obstacles, make steps specific and define timing, and agree to support

What are the Key Coaching Skills?

–  Promoting Positive OutcomesImagine Your Potential
–  Providing Feedback
–  Active Questioning and Listening
–  Building Trust and Rapport
–  Creating the Right Environment

 What are the Key Benefits of Coaching?

–  Increased Motivation
–  Clarity and Direction
–  Increased Productivity
–  Ownership and Responsibility
–  Positive Outcomes

Marc Desrosiers


Finally, we all need to remember:

“Don’t look back, as you’re not going that way!”  ~ Marc Desrosiers


About Marc

Marc Desrosiers, MBA, ABC, P.Mgr is a popular lecturer at the University of Manitoba, instructing courses within the Certificate in Management (CIM) and the Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM) programs. Additionally, Marc has instructed courses in Business at Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology, courses in Leadership; Supervising and Coaching at the Winnipeg Police Service Training Academy; and has presented a number of workshops and conferences both locally and abroad.


Review ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The Magic of Coaching within Leadership seminar was very well attended with 63 participants, who all thoroughly enjoyed this interactive (‘Exercise!’) seminar, presented by Marc Desrosiers, MBA, ABC, P.Mgr. For those participants who have previously attended Marc’s sessions, they were, as always, delighted to be there; and for those participants who have not experienced one of Marc’s sessions, now they know what they have been missing!

Marc packed a lot of information into a mere 3½ hours and maintained a high level of involvement from everyone. If ever you have a chance to attend a seminar or course from Marc Desrosiers, I would recommend you sign up early. You don’t want to miss it!

~ Dennie Cormack, BA, CIM
Registrar’s Office, Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology

 Magic of Coaching Presentation, by Marc Desrosiers

CIM Winnipeg Branch Presents: Magic of Coaching Workshop

October 9, 2012

Magic of Coaching Flyer

The Magic of Coaching within Leadership

discovering potential and achieving extraordinary results

with Marc Desrosiers, MBA, ABC, P.Mgr

Are you witnessing an appalling lack of leadership to evoke the full and willing commitmentof employees to apply their energies to achieve top performance?

Do you subscribe to the view that a strong and vibrant workplace is where you – as a manager / supervisor / leader – could and should engage both the hearts and minds of individuals and teams to use all of their talents to contribute to high performance results?

As leaders or leaders-in-the-making, we do have the power to engage others, to set and achieve goals, to act authentically, to dream of the impact we want to make, and to follow through on that dream.

and now … Marc Desrosiers will introduce you to that dream and to the often forgotten art and magic of coaching!

Coaching . . . Supports you as a manager/supervisor/leader at all levels by introducing fresh ways of listening, thinking, learning and leading in today’s world.

Helps you and your ‘coach-ee’ to attain a higher level of success in both your personal and professional lives; discovering full potential and achieving a synergy of extraordinary results.

Marc Desrosiers is a popular sessional lecturer at the University of Manitoba, instructing Certificate in Management (CIM), as well as Human Resource Management (HRM) courses. He has instructed at the
Red River College of Applied Arts and Sciences (Business) and at the Winnipeg Police Service Training Academy (Leadership, Coaching, Supervising, Communicating); and has presented at numerous workshops and conferences locally and abroad.

In his award-winning work in Philanthropy, Alumni Relations and Institutional Advancement, Marc has garnered both local and national recognition. His Marketing and Communications expertise has been recognized with a plethora of awards from the international natural gas industry. He has held senior leadership and Management positions in the Federal Government, the private sector, the not-for-profit arena, and at four post-secondary educational institutions in Manitoba.

Marc was born and raised in Winnipeg (St. Boniface) and received his BA (Hons) from the University of Manitoba; MBA in Communications, Toronto; ABC accreditation through the International Association of Business Communicators; UMC Certificate in University Management from the Centre for Higher Education, Research and Development; and a post-graduate IEM Certificate in Institutional Educational Management from Harvard University. In 2009, he received his PMgr designation from the Canadian Institute of Management.

Join us for a highly informative and interactive half-day workshop with Marc, to explore topical and practical leadership coaching techniques.

7:30 am to Noon | Saturday, November 3 | Norwood Hotel
Continental Breakfast: 7:30 am – 8:30 am     Workshop: 8:30 am (sharp) – noon

Sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Management, Winnipeg Branch
Cost: CIM Members and UofM CIM /HRM Students: complimentary;
Non-Members: $195

Seats are limited

Pre-Register by October 27, 2012
Pre-Register before midnight, Saturday, October 13th at cim.winnipeg@mts.net or 204.474.8653 to be entered into a draw for an executive briefcase

CIM Graduation 2012

October 2, 2012

Congratulations to the 46th Graduating Class of the Canadian Institute of Management, Winnipeg Branch.

The ceremonies took place Saturday June 23rd, 2012 at the University of Manitoba; the convocation was followed by a dinner / dance to celebrate the accomplishment of the 50 graduates for the 2012 year.

Dr. Lori Wallace, Dean of Extended Education, with the University of Manitoba greeted this year’s graduates, and provided her words of praise and encouragement as new doors open for the newest C.I.M. members. Heartfelt greetings from the National Branch of C.I.M. were extended by Dr. Matthew Jelavic, the National Vice-President of Education. City of Winnipeg Councilor Mike Pagtakhan a C.I.M. graduate himself also addressed the graduating class, siting both personal and professional anecdotes of how these same paths lead to his success of today. The 2012 Valedictorian Andrew Maitland spoke of the challenges of the commitment required in obtaining the C.I.M. designation over the course of the last four years, but more importantly described the feeling of pride and accomplishment for a job well done by all.

The certificates and honors recognition were presented by Clayton McPherson, President of the Winnipeg Branch. In addition Clayton also presented the Gold, Silver, and Bronze academic awards to the three individuals who excelled in the program achieving the first, second and third highest grade point average. . This year’s recipient of the Gold Award was presented to Cheryl Summerly, the Silver Award was given to Karen Long, and the Bronze Award went to Gary Shewchuk.

After the dinner celebration, entertainment was provided where the entire audience participated in a Family Feud Game. As the teams paired off against one another, the victors of the evening resulted with the Winnipeg Branch Board of Directors taking home the coveted honor. The evening then continued with dancing to the wee hours, culminating a most memorable day for all.

Respectfully submitted
Vice President – Education
Garry Kalawarny, C.I.M.

CIM Winnipeg Branch Bronze Sponsor of the Q-Net Excellence Conference

July 17, 2012

The Canadian Institute of Management Winnipeg Branch was a Bronze Sponsor for the Q-Net Excellence Conference held at the Winnipeg Convention Centre on Thursday May 3rd, 2012.  As a Bronze Sponsor, CIM Winnipeg Branch was given an opportunity to set up an information booth for the benefit of the conference attendees.

To complement the CIM table, arrangements were made through the Q-Net conference organizers to have our partner, the University of Manitoba (also a Bronze sponsor), set up next to our table.  We were lucky to have Char Chastelaine, who is the UofM laison to the CIM Winnipeg Branch, work next to us.  Due to our ties, we were able to capitalize on our joint attendance.

Winnipeg Branch Past President, Bob Beitz (Left) and President, Clayton McPherson (Right), ready to greet future and current CIM members

"Partners in Education"

Throughout the day, several Winnipeg board members talked with participants about the Canadian Institute of Management, its Federal Charter, the Certified in Management Program and our educational partnership with the University of Manitoba.  We discussed the many benefits of our program with current and future leaders as well as answered any questions regarding the Certified In Management program.  We also took the opportunity to promote the CIM’s Professional Manager designation.

If you are having a leadership, management or supervisory event, please contact the CIM Winnipeg Branch to find out how we may be able to inform new and veteran managers of the benefits of the CIM program.

Email us at cim.winnipeg@mts.net

or vistit our Website www.cim-winnipeg.ca

CIM Winnipeg

May 15, 2012
CIM Winnipeg Member Appreciation - Clayton McPherson

Winnipeg Branch President Clayton McPherson with George Smith

On May 14th, the Winnipeg CIM branch hosted its first-ever joint Annual General Meeting and Membership Appreciation event. 36 attended the Norwood Hotel to see this year’s recipients of the PRAISE award and presentation of the George Smith Communication award; long-term service pins were also handed out.

Three individuals, so deserving of the PRAISE award, were honored for their tireless efforts and dedication to our members and the Winnipeg Branch.  Dawn Haus, Nicole Hamilton and Gary Braden contributed selflessly their time, knowledge and expertise to ensure the Winnipeg Branch of the CIM remained the largest and most vibrant branch in Canada.

Jenna Backus was awarded the George Smith Communication award. Each year, this award is given to the student who attains the highest mark in the communication class each year.  We congratulate Jenna on this achievement.

The following individuals received long-term service pins:

10 year pin – Mary Lavigne, Elaine Hughes, Luanne Scott, Terry Brennan, Lynn Evans,  Larry Skoglund

20 year pin – Thomas Ritter, Gail Shimonek

25 year pin – Gerry Corrigal, Martin Montani

30 year pinSusan Rusk